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Regarding Application Submissions to IES

Grant applications to Institute of Education Sciences (IES) competitions must be submitted via the Grants.gov government-wide portal that allows potential applicants to find grant opportunities and apply for grants. The Grants.gov registration process can take several weeks. Interested applicants should begin the registration process now and not wait until IES grant opportunities are posted.

Individuals planning to submit an application on behalf of their organization must ensure that (1) their institution/organization is registered with Grants.gov and (2) they register themselves as Authorized Organizational Representatives (AORs) well before the competition deadline. Grants.gov registration information can be found at http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/applicants/apply-for-grants.html

Please direct your questions about submitting applications through Grants.gov to the Grants.gov Help Desk at 800-518-4726 or by e-mail to support@grants.gov.

Letter of Intent (LOI) Submission

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Information on Letters of Intent for active competitions .

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